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Nateslist: Best Places for a Slice of Pizza in Fort Collins

I know this can be a heated topic, but here are my choices for the best places to grab a slice of pizza in Fort Collins:

5. Totally 80's Pizza

Not only does Totally 80's Pizza serve up a tasty pie, but the place is a mind trip back to the glorious 80's. Complete with 80's memorabilia such as Pee-Wee Herman's bike, vintage video games, and a not so flattering autographed picture of Pauly Shore, Totally 80's Pizza is a must see for visitors to Fort Collins.

4. Slyce

If you're looking for a more adventurous slice of pizza, then Slyce is the way to go. With such menu items as a macaroni pizza, cheese ravioli pizza and penne lasagna marinara pizza, Slyce pretty much has the creative pizza market covered.

3. Tony's

Located right off of College Avenue in the heart of Fort Collins, Tony's not only has the full college bar experience covered, but they also have a very convenient walk-up window for those long walks home from Old Town.

2. Surfside 7

If you've found yourself thinking that Fort Collins isn't really a town that caters to the punk/metal scene, you haven't been to Surfside 7. "Surf" is not only well known for their pizza, but they feature live music, karaoke and a jukebox full of headbangers. Plus, if you haven't taken a selfie in the bathroom, have you really experienced Fort Collins?

1. Pizza Casbah

With so many great options in Fort Collins, it's hard to pick a favorite pizza joint, but my vote goes to Pizza Casbah. Located on Laurel near the Music District, Pizza Casbah may be small, but they're pizza has won the gold medal in my book.

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