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Are You An Adult Child? Yeah, Me Too.

Ok, technically I'm 31, but when I find myself doing something immature I always say, "Well, it's because I'm 19." I firmly believe that radio people are all a little warped, in one way or another, which makes it a really fun industry to be in. Here are the top 10 signs that you may be an adult child:

1.  Binge watching an entire season of a TV show in a weekend.


2.  Getting a tattoo.


3.  Being in group text chats with your friends.


4.  Using Snapchat's selfie filters.


5.  Buying a pair of limited edition sneakers.


6.  Listening to pop music.


7.  Voting for someone on a reality singing show.


8.  Going to a music festival.


9.  Regularly raiding your cupboards for cookies.


10.  Using a "funny" phone case.

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