Bandwagon Magazine Crowns 2018 Battle of the Bands Champion

Bandwagon Magazine wrapped up their annual Battle of the Bands Saturday Night and crowned this year's champion, who received $1000 and the next cover of the magazine. Here's how the whole battle shook out:

Night 1 at The Moxi Theater 2/1: Trash Cat, R-E-S, Higher Intentions and Igaus Davis (Winner)

Night 2 at The Downtown Artery 2/8: The Catcalls, Places Back Home, Rat Doctor and The Great Salmon Famine (Winner)

Night 3 at Hodi's Half Note 2/15: MountainUs, Amorphic, Mirrorfields and Chess at Breakfast (Winner)

Night 4 at The Moxi Theater 2/23: Polar Bodies, Nelsen, Pie Lombardi and Soul Solum (Winner)

Final Round at The Moxi Theater 3/24: Igaus Davis, Soul Solum, Chess at Breakfast and The Great Salmon Famine (Winner)

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