More Record Store Day Releases Announced

Record Store Day is April 21st this year and while a lot of the releases were already made known, Warner Brothers Records just upped the ante and added even more to the list. Here they are:

  • Eric Clapton: “Rush” - Black vinyl album (Limited to 3,000 copies)
  • Eric Clapton: “Complete Clapton” - 4 Black vinyl LP’s + Bonus 7” single Box Set. (limited to 3,000 copies)
  • Disturbed: “The Lost Children - Double Black Vinyl album” (Limited to 4,000 copies)
  • Duran Duran: “Budokan” - 12” Black vinyl album (Limited to 3,000 copies)
  • The Flaming Lips: – “Pouring Beer In Your Ear (The Beer Song)” b/w “The Story Of Yum Yum and Dragon” Colored Vinyl 7” Single in clear sleeve. (limited to 5,000 copies)
  • Fleet Foxes: “Crack-Up” (Choral Vers.) b/w “In The Morning” (Live In Switzerland) 7” Black Vinyl Single. (Limited to 3,700 copies)
  • Linkin Park: “One More Light Live” - 12” Colored vinyl, individually numbered. (limited to 4,000 copies)
  • Mastodon: “Emperor Of Sand” - 12” Picture Disc album. (limited to 4,000 copies).
  • Neil Young: “Roxy – Tonight’s The Night Live” - Three-sided 2-LP set. (limited to 9,000 copies)