Quitting Smoking with Front Range Vapor - Week 1

A week ago I made a huge change in my life by giving up cigarettes in exchange for a vape mod from Front Range Vapor. 

So, a little back story about me, I started smoking cigarettes 14 years ago and have tried to quit numerous times, some of which stuck for a few months, but I always went back. However, when I first moved to Fort Collins in October of 2016 I was vaping and it was actually working. I hadn't touched, nor had a desire to touch a cigarette in months. There was a catch, though, and that was that I had no direction from the vape shops I bought these things from. So, consequently, I ended up going through three different pens because they would break or leak, and when the third one broke I gave up and went back to cigarettes.

That is not the case with Front Range Vapor. These guys, Dave and Reece, are incredibly helpful, and they truly care about their customers. They helped me pick out the perfect mod, which is essentially the electronic unit plus the tank that holds the juice. They also explained the batteries, set me up with a battery charger, and after talking about my own personal story with smoking and vaping, set me up with the right kind of juice. 

I'm a week in and once again, have no desire to pick up a pack of cigarettes ever again. If you have any desire to quit smoking, my friends at Front Range Vapor are the way to go. Find them at 111 E. 5th Street in Loveland or at FrontRangeVapor.com, and I'll keep you posted on my journey of becoming tobacco free.