Dane Cook is Breaking This Rule By Dating 19 Year Old

So, a couple days ago it was revealed that Dane Cook is still alive, and is actually dating a 19 year old singer named Kelsi Taylor. And, while that massive age gap is perfectly legal, he is technically breaking an unwritten rule that determines if that age difference is cute, or if it's creepy. 

THE RULE: The rule is, you cut the oldest person's age in half, (45 divided by 2 is 22.5,) then add 7 (22.5 + 7 = 29.5.) So, in order for Dane Cook to not look like a creep, he'd have to date no one under the age of 29 1/2.

Ironically enough, I first heard this rule from a stand-up comedian, and I don't mean to call Dane Cook or anyone a creep, but it is a fun game to play with friends.