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David Lee Roth Reveals Nickname He Had For Eddie Van Halen

Photo: Redferns

While David Lee Roth often uses a lot of words to say very little, in a new edition of his Roth Show, the iconic frontman revealed an interesting nugget about his long relationship with Eddie Van Halen.

Roth and the Van Halen brothers, Alex and Eddie, started their band at a young age, and as such Roth spent some time around the Van Halen parents in those early years.

It was in the Van Halen home that Roth first heard how Mrs. Van Halen pronounced her son Edward's name — and so Eddie's longtime moniker was born.

"We didn't call Eddie Van Halen, Eddie," Roth recalled in an aside in the new episode. "We called him 'Vard.' That's because his mother used the Dutch expression.

"The way she said it was Dutch — Edvard! Edvard! And we would call him Vard. My security guy's name was Ed, and we called him 'Big' Ed."

Listen to the full Roth Show on iHeartRadio via the player below.

Roth's story about Vard is very to similar to how Rush bassist/frontman, Gary Weinrib, came to be known as Geddy Lee.

The son of Polish immigrants who settled in Ontario, Canada, the name Gary sounded more like 'Geddy' through Mary Weinrib's accent. Geddy adopted the moniker as a stage name when he began playing in bands as a teen, and it stuck.

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