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Winter Storm Again....and It May Be My Fault. Sorry

Winter Weather Advisory


National Weather Service Denver CO

1258 PM MDT Mon Apr 29 2019

...Heavy Snow Monday and Monday Night for the Mountains,

Foothills, and Lower Elevations near Wyoming...

.A Spring snowstorm will move into the region today and continue

into Wednesday with multiple rounds of moderate to heavy snow at

across central and north central Colorado. Moderate to heavy snow

will begin in the mountains this afternoon and spread east this

evening. The best chance for accumulating snow below 6,000 feet

is across eastern Larimer and western Weld Counties. A final wave

of snow will likely hit the mountains Tuesday night. Travel

through the mountains will be significantly impacted from later

this afternoon into Tuesday. Stay tuned for additional updates.

It's not like I believe that I have the power to alter the weather with my words or thoughts. If that were the case, we'd have sunny golf days EVERYDAY. You'd hear me say on the radio, "sunny AGAIN today with with a high of 80....AGAIN." I wouldn't mind that at all, actually. But I do have a little guilt for what I said on the air last week during the DOC IN THE AFTERNOON SHOW. Seeing the forecast for the next five days, which showed mostly sunny days and warm, I was asked if I thought we were done with the snow. "Done with the snow?" Yes! I think we're done." Folks, I heard the words leaving my mouth, into the microphone, over the air waves, and into my headphones. The echo of those words were bouncing around inside of my unusually large head when I felt an immediate flinch across my entire body. Much like when you put your hand too close to the stove to see if its hot. Yep. I felt like the burner was still hot.

I have lived in Northern Colorado long enough to know better. I remember a few years back going to a Rockies game on Mother's Day and watching the ground crew scrape an inch of snow off the outfield. It can happen because it has happened. Mother's Day is May 12th, by the way. We're 13 days away from Mother's Day and, in my opinion, 13 days away from putting away the snowblower. I don't recall a snow day after Mother's Day, so I'm pretty confident about that. Not confident enough to declare it a fact and certainly not confident enough to say it on the air. I'll wait until June 5th to say it out loud. Ugh....there's that flinch again.

Meanwhile, they say this storm could dump as much as 5 inches tonight going into tomorrow. CLICK HERE for National Weather Service forecast.

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