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EAGLES UPDATE: Postseason To Be Decided Tonight

Wednesday provided us the best case scenario when Tucson and San Diego both lost and improved The Colorado Eagles chances of making the playoffs all while The Eagles didn't play a game. Friday night, however, was a worst case scenario as San Diego clinched the third playoff spot, Tucson wins in overtime, and the Eagles lose 3-1 against San Jose at the BEC. Here's what the Pacific Division looks like going into the final game of the regular season tonight:

x-Bakersfield (85)

x-San Jose (85)

x-San Diego (78)

Tucson (76)

Colorado (75)

Tucson is hosting San Diego tonight. San Diego made the playoffs having gained one point with the overtime loss last night to the Roadrunners. Certainly, their incentive to win tonight isn't as intense as it is for Tucson. The Roadrunners, by the way, are on an 6-3-0-1 run heading into tonight's matchup. The Gulls are 4-4-2.

The Eagles must win tonight for any chance at the postseason. The playoffs are something we have come to expect every season because they do it every season. As you can see, San Jose does have an incentive to win as they are tied with Bakersfield for the division. A win for San Jose tonight and a Bakersfield loss gives the Barracuda the regular season division title. Bakersfield is playing Ontario, the last place team in the division. San Jose has been hot with a 7-2-1 streak in their last 10 games while the Eagles have struggled with a 4-5-1 in their last 10.

What we need is another Wednesday: a best case scenario. A Tucson loss in regulation with an Eagles win puts us right where we want to be....the Playoffs! Congrats to The Bear listeners who won free tickets for tonight's game. We're counting on you to make noise and help guide the Eagles to the postseason. My son and I will be there to help as well.

Remember, if you can't get in to see them, you can tune in to hear them on 92.9 The Bear.

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