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EAGLES UPDATE: Two More Games Left and Two Playoff Spots Left

Since we last talked about Colorado Eagles hockey, the Eagles were tied for third with what seemed to be a really good opportunity for a playoff spot. A week later, that opportunity is still there, but there is one less spot to take in the division.

This is the final week of the regular season and the Eagles have two more games left. San Jose clinched the second playoff spot over the weekend while Bakersfield was first to clinch over a week ago. That leaves two more spots. Here's what the division looks like as of 4/8/2019:

x-Bakersfield (83 points)

x-San Jose (81 points)

San Diego (77 points)

Colorado (75 points)

Tucson (74 points)

Now, let's look at the remaining games for San Diego, Colorado, and Tucson:

San Diego: 1 game vs San Jose on Wednesday. 2 games vs Tucson in Tucson this Friday & Saturday.

Colorado: 2 games vs San Jose at home this Friday & Saturday.

Tucson: 1 game vs Bakersfield on Wednesday. 2 games vs San Diego at home this Friday & Saturday.

Obviously, San Diego and Tucson have one more game than the Eagles down the stretch. That is one more opportunity for them to gain a point or two...or not at all. AND, they will both be playing teams that have already clinched a playoff spot. Will San Jose and Bakersfield be business as usual or going into reserve mode for their respective playoff runs? The Eagles will be finishing the season against a team that has already clinched as well, but it may be a team that will be fighting hard to keep the Eagles out knowing that if they don't, they'll be facing them again real soon. Then, it comes down to San Diego vs Tucson in Tucson. Two teams desperately fighting to make the playoffs.

The Eagles have always been in the playoffs and we as fans have always expected it. The Colorado Eagles would have it no other way. The last two games are huge and they are at home. Get out there and make some noise for your Colorado Eagles!

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