Tom Petty's Widow in Legal Fight with His Daughters

You hate to see this....Tom Petty's family is in turmoil over his music, his image, and everything in between. Before his death in 2017, Tom put his wife Dana in charge of his estate, but also wanted his daughters from his marriage to Jane Benyo involved in the decision making. He obviously thought at the time that this word work out well. It hasn't.

According to Page Six, Dana York Petty claims the kids, Adria and Annakim Petty, are in the way of the release of unreleased solo music to coincide with the upcoming 25th anniversary of his album, "Wildflowers", that they have written nasty emails to some of the surviving members of the Heartbreakers, and that Adria was upset over image chosen to be used on a sign at a park that was dedicated to Tom after she has already agreed to it.

Dana, according to this story, is not looking to take control from the sisters, but instead is asking a court to appoint a "day-to-day" manager for the estate and for the daughters to essentially....stop with the feuding.

SOURCE: Page Six