Eagles Have Four to Go, and It's Close in The Division

We've been spoiled here in Northern Colorado when it comes to our hockey team. Every season the Colorado Eagles have made it to the playoffs, and the last two seasons have raised the bar when it comes to our expectations. I mean, two consecutive championships will do that to a fan base.

But, there's also the realism that this year is different. It's a new league with a new affiliation with new players and new coaches. It's all new! What also would be new is the Eagles ending the season before the playoffs begin. We are less than two weeks out from the final game (April 13th), so let's take a look at what's left...

  1. The first four teams in each division will advance to the playoffs. The Eagles are currently tied for third with San Diego. Each team has 73 points. Tucson is not far behind with 70 points. What's even more exciting is that San Jose is in second place with 77 points, and that puts them in reach for both The Eagles and San Diego. Bakersfield has already clinched a playoff birth. Here's the visual:
  2. Bakersfield - Clinched 83 points
  3. San Jose 77 points
  4. San Diego 73 points
  5. Colorado 73 points
  6. Tucson 70 points
  7. Let's take a look at each team's remaining games:
  8. San Jose: 2 games vs San Diego/2 games vs Grand Rapids (Good team. 86 points)/and 2 vs Colorado
  9. San Diego: 2 games vs San Jose/1 game vs Ontario/2 games vs Tucson
  10. Colorado: 2 games vs Chicago (Very good team. 92 points)/2 games against San Jose
  11. Tucson: 2 games vs Iowa (Good team. 80 points)/1 game vs Ontario/1 game vs Bakersfield/2 games vs San Diego
  12. As you can see, The Eagles have the fewest remaining games left on the schedule compared to their division rivals.They have two tough ones against the Central Division leader Chicago this weekend, but come home for the last two against San Jose. It appears, at least on paper, that San Diego has the better schedule going down the stretch. Tucson has got it tough with those two against Iowa, one against the division leader, but finishing at home against San Diego.

The next week and-a-half is going to be crazy. They're all bunched up from 2nd to 4th. There's only one place to catch EVERY GAME LIVE! Right here, on 92.9 The Bear.