E-Scooters Could Be in Fort Collins this Summer

The "E-Scooter" could soon be seen and used in Fort Collins. They are popping up in cities both large and small all over the country, including Denver. They have also been met with mixed reviews. The chief concern is safety. Just this week, The Coloradoan and Channel 9 News-Denver published a story on the number of incidents that have occurred since the city of Denver brought in the e-scooters late last year. The Denver Public Works provided data from an online survey that said over 60% of the respondents claimed that they had some sort of incident with a scooter, be it a collision or near miss. In the 9News story, they said that two-thirds of the respondents either collided or had a near miss while walking while another 20% claimed the same while driving.

While these scooters can provide quick and easy transportation while also being environmentally safe, they could also compromise safety. Look, people will be traveling at a pace faster than a walk and dodging people who are slower. People will get hurt. But, we can also get hurt walking to the corner store on our lunch break. Life does have its risks. Is this one worth it? It seems the Fort Collins City Council is looking into it.