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Currently up for adoption are:

Dogs: 25

Cats: 12

Critters: 3


Champ is an 8 year old male Domestic Shorthair/Mix who made a New Year’s resolution to get healthy and fit! He is classified as a special needs kitty as he is very overweight. This problem has made it difficult for Champ to get the exercise he need and to keep himself neat and clean, so unfortunately he doesn’t always feel like making the effort to get to the litter box. However, since finding himself at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter he has been working hard towards his New Year’s resolution! He has started a new, healthy diet to help him lose weight, use the litter box more regularly and feel better overall! However, he is still looking for a life coach who is willing to work with him and encourage him to be active, help him with his grooming, and help him reach his goals! If you think you can help Champ, come visit him in our Cat Colony room today!


Chips is a 2 year old male Domestic Shorthair/Mix who is looking for his forever home! He loves to be social and play. If you’re looking for a new family member to love on, Chips won’t let you down!


Aviv is a 1 year old female Domestic Shorthair/Mix who is a curious little soul! She loves to explore anything and everything, and would be a part of your family! Come down to meet her today!


Fluff is an 8 year old male Domestic Medium Hair/Mix senior kitty who would make the perfect addition to any home! He's not looking for tons of adventure - a quiet, sunny spot to nap will be more than enough. Come meet this cool dude today!


Trotter is a 1 year old male Hound/Mix who is very active and vocal! He will protect you from any intruder (including cats – he doesn’t like those) – just give him a chance! If you ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog (lover), come meet this guy today!


Domino is an 8 month old male Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix puppy who loves to run, run, run! He has so much energy and is very interested in knowing everyone's business. He can be a bit rude and can't go home with any children under the age of 12. Domino would greatly benefit from a patient owner and basic obedience classes! Regardless, we just know he is the perfect friend for someone!


Mila is an 8 year old female German Shepherd/Mix who is looking for someone to share the rest of her life with! She loves being right next to her person and sharing everything together. If you're looking for a constant companion, this is the girl for you! Come meet her!


Tobby is a 3 year old male Catahoula Leopard Dog/Mix who loves to jump, play and eat treats! He is very smart and would love the opportunity to learn new tricks to show off. If your life is missing a spark of energy, come meet Tobby!

Upcoming Events:

Update: The Cheyenne Animal Shelter announced last Thursday (March 12) that in an effort to prevent the further spreading of COVID-19, they have made the very difficult decision to postpone the Fur Ball: The Great Catsby that had been scheduled for Saturday, March 14th to take place at the Little America Hotel in Cheyenne. Local, State and National public health recommendations regarding COVID-19 are rapidly changing, and the health and safety of the donors, volunteers, supporters, community members and Fur Ball attendees are one of the Shelter’s top priorities. It is for this reason that the Fur Ball has been rescheduled to Friday, July 31st at the Little American Hotel.If you have purchased a ticket for the original Fur Ball, it will still be valid for the new July 31st date if you would like to attend. If you cannot attend and would like to donate your tickets in lieu of a refund, you are still providing for the animals in the care of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and we would be more than happy to provide you with a donation receipt. If you cannot attend the new Fur Ball date and would like a refund, please email Gail Young at or leave her a message at 307-222-0730.

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