Scheels in Johnstown is Going to Be Awesome

This is exciting! Scheels is opening up a new store in Johnstown, and this place is going to be awesome. If you’re not familiar with Scheels, it’s basically a sporting goods superstore on steroids. They specialize in footwear, biking, running, golfing, camping, hunting and fishing, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The new Scheels will also have a golf shop, bike shop, ski shop, canoe and kayak shop, fishing shop, and gun and hunting shops with the largest selection of guns in Colorado.

Hang on, it gets better…Scheels is also going to have a 16,000 gallon aquarium, a 65 foot Ferris Wheel, shooting galleries, and sports simulators. Getting antsy yet?

This place is also going to have a deli and fudge shop, Starbucks coffee, and 18 flavors of gelato. What kind of a sporting goods store has gelato? The best kind.

I’m definitely going to be spending some time at the new Scheels in Johnstown, maybe I’ll see you there!

Check out all of the info, including career information by clicking here.

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