UWWC Gives Out Almost $26,000 In Scholarships To 13 organizations

The United Way of Weld County has been giving out recreational scholarships for over 30 years. This year alone thirteen parks, towns, and recreation departments have over $25,000 worth of scholarships from the United Way of Weld County. The Vice President of Community Impact at UWWC, Lyle Smith Graybeal said, "The youth in the rec programs participate in positive healthy activities that teach life skills for future success. He added that teamwork, developing into a leader, conflict resolution and learning good sportsmanship are all a part of participating in the local programs.".

Thanks to all of the UWWC contributors, "The recipients will use the money to assist children and youth participation in programs that they otherwise could not afford to participate in without this help."

If you would like to learn more about The United Way of Weld County and find out ways you can help you can click here.

Photo Credits: Getty Images