Fort Collins Throws a Parade for Young Man To Celebrate His Birthday

Graham Garrett's eleventh birthday is going to be one to remember for the young man.

The week prior to Graham's birthday his father tragically passed away due to complications with the current virus affecting the world, COVID-19. It is already difficult to celebrate anything during these challenging times and losing a loved one makes it even more tough to be joyful.

However Fort Collins rallied together for Graham and threw a little parade for him down the street he lives on. While Graham and his family were standing outside his house watching, residents drove their decorated cars down his street while honking their horns and some waving "Happy Birthday" signs out their windows. Police vehicles and fire trucks had their lights and sirens on giving it that feeling of a big parade that you would see downtown to celebrate a holiday.

This just shows that during the hard times everyone is going through right now, some are going through worse than others, and we need to come together to show things will get better!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images