Couple Stuck in Snow 2 Days Before Being Found

Snow And Ice Warnings As Cold Weather Front Approaches

Snow And Ice Warnings As Cold Weather Front Approaches

On Tuesday this week, the Larimer County Sheriff's Department was notified that there was a pickup stuck in snow on the side of CR 80C.

The couple had apparently been stuck since Sunday, and according to the reports, the man had left sometime on Monday to get help but had not returned.

After trying to ping their location with their cell phones the LCSO had little luck. They requested a UCHeath Lifeline Helicopter to assist. With hours the helicopter was able to locate the vehicle, the women inside and the man about 2 miles south of her location. The women did not require medical attention but the man was hypothermic and was airlifted to a local hospital.

What could have been a tragic story ended on a happy note thanks to the Larimer County Sheriff's Office. In their facebook post they note that "If you are stuck, lost, or injured and have cell service, call 911 first. If your call will not go through, try texting to 911."

Photo Credit: Getty Images