Have you heard of Northern Colorado's newest reservoir, Glade Reservoir?

Northern Integrated Supply Project

The front range and most of the eastern plains receives their water from the Colorado-Big Thompson Project; which is owned and operated by Northern Water. This water system consists of 12 reservoirs including Carter Lake, Flatiron Lake and Horsetooth Reservoir.

Right now the C-BT provides water for approximately 895,000 people covering 1.6 million acres. Due to an increase in population our water needs have increased; leading to the proposed Northern Integrated Supply Project.

What is the Northern Integrated Supply Project? It is a system that will divert overflow water from the Cache la Poudre River during peak snow melt into Glade Reservoir (located in the Poudre Canyon) and Galeton Reservoir (located on the eastern plains).

When will this project be complete? The goal, 2050.

What will come from this that benefits you? Well, not only will it supply water for an additional half a million residence but it will have recreation benefits too.

According to the Conceptual Glade Recreation Facilities Plan the reservoir will be open to the public for boating, fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, and educational programming (just to name a few). Below is a concept of their Master Plan. With the reservoirs falling under the jurisdiction of Larimer County, it'll be managed by Larimer County Department of Natural Resources.

Photo Credit: Northern Water and Larimer County DNR

Master Plan - Glade Reservoir


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