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Gene Simmons Reveals Lofty, Heartfelt New Year's Resolutions

Photo: Getty Images North America

Gene Simmons' general satisfaction with his life and iconic career doesn't preclude him from setting goals in the New Year.

The KISS bassist revealed in a recent interview with the Toronto Sun that he aspires to "be a better, kinder, better-looking and richer guy" in 2022.

While he's unlikely to attain all four of those goals, he acknowledged, it's important to try — particularly when it comes to the former two.

"Not all of that's gonna happen, but I can certainly become a better person — be kinder, give more to philanthropy, reach out even to people who you disagree wth completely," he said.

"We all live on this planet, and you're not gonna be able to change everybody's mind. And that's okay. Agree to disagree. 'Hey, I don't agree with you. Let's go have some coffee.'"

You can watch the full conversation via the player below.

With time winding down on his Kiss career, Simmons has delved into a variety of new industries and artistic endeavors in recent years, including plans to open a KISS museum this March in Las Vegas.

Kiss plans to tour through 2022 and perhaps into early-2023. The band also plans to release a biopic for Netflix before the final date of the tour.

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