‘RIP Alice’ Trending On X !

Alice Cooper fans discovered the truth behind ‘RIP Alice,’ a recently trending topic on X.

A famous fish named ‘Alice’ died and when ‘RIP Alice’ became a trending topic on X, people thought Alice Cooper was dead. It was later understood that the fish died. Here is the first tweet by the owner of the fish:

“Unfortunately I have some very sad news to share. Alice has passed from her injuries and is now eternally swimming in the Big Fish Tank In The Sky. RIP.”

A fan reacted like the following to the confusion:

“Twitter: ‘RIP Alice.’ Me: ‘Alice Cooper? The Brady’s Maid? Alice the waitress?’ Twitter: Nah, a goldfish died Me: [includes a GIF].”

Another one shared a photo of Cooper and wrote:

“I saw RIP ALICE trending and I got a lump in my throat. But he’s OK. Nothing to see here.”

Alice Cooper is currently performing in Europe. He is scheduled to perform in countries like Germany, Slovakia, Austria, and Czechia in the upcoming days. The rocker’s latest album ‘Road’ arrived last year. He previously talked about the record:

“For ‘Road’, I wanted the band to be involved in the foundation of all the songs. I only see these guys when we’re on the road. So, I wanted them to be as tight as they are for the show but on all new material. When you have a band this good, I believe in showing it off, and this is my way of doing so.”

In his current shows, his usual live band accompanies him, including Ryan Roxie on guitar, Chuck Garric on bass, Tommy Henriksen on guitar, Glen Sobel on drums, and Nita Strauss on guitar. He also has a North American tour starting on July 30 in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

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