Aerosmith’s Touring Drummer Reveals Why Joey Kramer Quit !

Current touring drummer of Aerosmith, John Douglas, recently had an interview with Jeremy White where he detailed touring with the band and revealed the reason why the original drummer Joey Kramer quit touring with the band.

Last year, Kramer decided to take a break from the band to give his full attention to his family, according to the band’s official statement. The band referred to the drummer’s leave as a temporary leave of absence and took their drum technician as their touring drummer during his absence.

The drum tech was asked about the real reason behind Kramer’s leave. He revealed:

“Originally, he got injured the night before the show in Vegas, this was back in 2019. So that’s what started it, and then his wife Linda passed away suddenly and tragically last year. So there’s just the decision he had to make it wasn’t easy.”

The band is now on their farewell tour, and evidently, Douglas doesn’t feel like making a farewell tour. He shared why while answering if the tour is going to be like a never-ending farewell tour:

“Well, for me, I hope so. Because when they announced the farewell tour, I’m like, ‘Farewell? Man, I just got here!’ So, selfishly as the guy honored to be playing with him, I would love to go much, much longer.”

He then shared his thoughts as a fan of the band and resembled the farewell to the other bands’:

“And selfishly, as a fan, I don’t want this band to go away, or much the same as I feel about all the classic bands that I grew up with. There’s a lot of farewell tours going on right now, and I hope they go on forever I hope they go on as long as The Eagles’ farewell tour which is, what, in their 20th year or something.”

Douglas also filled in as the band’s touring drummer in 2019, as Kramer had minor shoulder injuries of unknown cause. Although the drummer wanted to join back shortly after his leave, the band didn’t let him, leading him to file a lawsuit. The band then solved the issues together, and Kramer was back again in the band.

Right after Kramer’s next leave, his wife passed away, causing the rocker to stay on a hiatus for a longer time. It’s still uncertain when, or if, the drummer is coming back.

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