Ozzy Doesn’t Worry About His Life Ending Anymore

“I used to worry about my life ending far more when I was younger than I do now because I know it’s gonna end. I still think that I’m a young guy in the respect of [people saying] ‘Oh, he sounds like he’s 83,’ and I go, ‘F*ck yeah.'”

After Jack Osbourne shared that he had been to Willie Nelson’s 90th birthday recently,

“That’s what I’m saying; it’s only like 17 years away from me. But I’m saying when I heard on the news, I saw a guy died, or somebody died at the age of 18, and I’m like, ‘F*ck, that’s old.’ And I gotta stop thinking, I’m actually 74 this year, [Nelson is] six years older than me. Poor old Jeff Beck died at 79. So I don’t think about my own age.”

The old age has started to impact Osbourne’s life even more, especially with Parkinson’s disease. The rocker had to cancel many shows due to his body giving out, but despite many challenges, Osbourne still refuses to retire. Although at the beginning of the year the rocker announced that he would be retiring, a few months later, he stated that he would still be doing shows, claiming that it’s not a job but a passion.

Ozzfest 2016

Photo: Getty Images North America

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