DOC'S BLOG: USA Liberty Arms Always Has Something Going On

Image source: Doc Jarnagin

I love local businesses, especially those that are focused on great service, a great selection, and the best prices you can find. They really want to succeed everyday because their business is tied into the community just as they are tied to the community. Also, you will find that most local businesses are passionate about what they do and what they offer. It's for these reasons and more that I love talking about my good friends at USA Liberty Arms.

As I've shared before, I have never owned a handgun. I had never even held one until I paid a visit to USA Liberty Arms.I have gone to the bigger/corporate stores for other things many times before. One time, I was looking for a new golf bag. I was in that section for what seemed like forever before seeing anybody who worked there. They eventually showed up, but by then I had made my decision. I don't mean to knock the employees because I have done that job before. They are in charge of a very large area. At USA Liberty Arms, I was greeted shortly after walking in the door with a genuine interest in helping me out. Now, when it came to telling them I had never even held a handgun, I was expecting either laughter or exasperation. Instead, the first thing they said was, "that's great! Let me show you what we've got." The selection there is amazing, by the way. Granted, I don't know much about these things, but there were so many to choose from. With each gun they showed me, they taught me things about each one, from ease of use to quality. This is what I wanted! I was there to see what they had and to learn more about them.

Since then, I've been following them on Facebook. They have got something going on in that store all the time! Yes, they had a huge "Black Friday" sale followed by their "12 Days of Christmas" sale. Just when you thought they'd let the dust settle after the holidays, they had a big 2020 New Year sale this past weekend. Don't be surprised if something else is coming soon.

If you're in need of ammo, they have a huge selection to choose from and you don't need to worry about how long it's been on the shelf. They've got the best and the freshest. Most importantly, they've got what you want. The bigger stores - well, sometimes you have to settle for whatever. Check out what they've got at USA Liberty Arms. While you're there, check out all the accessories like scopes, ammo cases, cleaning gear, tactical backpacks, and huge vaults. And, of course, they've got great people there who are helpful and are passionate about great service and about the products they sell. These are the folks you want to talk to if you're a gun owner, or if you're like me....learning to become one.

This is a sponsored post by USA Liberty Arms