DOC'S BLOG: Still Waiting For My Day On The Range with USA Liberty Arms.

Image source: Doc Jarnagin

When I last spoke to you, I shared that I am very interested in gun ownership and that my first step before purchase is gaining knowledge. I grew up in the south, so I have fired a shotgun on more than a few occasions, but never a handgun. I know nothing about them. Thankfully I met the folks at USA Liberty Arms in Fort Collins who showed me a few guns, but were more eager to teach me a few things about each.....even before I touched one. That's what I'm looking for!

We were supposed to go to a firing range but were hit with some winter weather. I'm sure you know which storm I'm talking about. Then, the Thanksgiving holiday hit and I got busy and I know for a fact that Ben (pictured above) also got real busy. I stopped by their store at 925 E. Harmony Road (next to Ryan's Sports Grill) in Fort Collins to say hello. The place was packed! Folks in Northern Colorado know where to go for all of their gun needs for sure. We really only had time for a couple of pictures and a handshake, but we promised each other we would get to the range soon. That next step actually involves another person who I call "Butters". His nickname has nothing to do with South Park. He's from Holland.....home of delicious butter. Anyway, he is the one responsible for organizing our shooting range jaunt, but he has failed at the one job we gave him. Trust me, I will be hot on his heels to get this done soon and hopefully before Christmas.

USA Liberty Arms is a local business that is so much better than the big stores you might go to for guns or ammunition. I've gone to the big stores for golf equipment and video games and felt like I was waiting forever for help. The only help I got when they arrived was a finger pointing in the direction of what I was looking for. It's much different and better at USA Liberty Arms. They will help you with what you're wanting, needing, or just curious about. Good neighborly service from a good neighborly local business. Check them out!

Meanwhile, I'm getting on the phone with Butters today.

This is a sponsored post by USA Liberty Arms