Caught On Camera: Car Jumps Parked Cars at Florida Dealership

Image source: YouTube

Come on in for some great deals! Push, pull, drag or jump your car into Crystal Ford for great savings!!

No, there was no such advertisement and this wasn't a publicity stunt. Security cameras at Crystal Ford in Crystal River, Florida caught the moment a car went out of control and jumped over two rows of parked cars at the dealership. It's a miracle he missed the cars and an employee who was nearby.

According to local police, the driver of the Toyota Camry suffered a medical condition that made him dizzy and then veer into the grass, into a ditch, and then over a berm. While we don't know how fast he was going, he did fly 139 feet through the air and into the dealership. His car finally came to a stop after skidding into three cars. WTVT reports that the driver was taken to a hospital and Spectrum Bay News says he's expected to be okay. His Camry will need some front end work.

News source: Fox News, WTVT, and Spectrum Bay News