School Shooting in California. Suspect Has Been Caught.

Image source: Fox News/YouTube

Shots were fired at a High School in Santa Clarita, California this morning that left one student dead and several other injured. According to Fox News, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office says the suspect is in custody and is at a local hospital. Fox News did not report what the suspect is being treated for.

Fox News reported that the 15-year-old suspect was described as a "male Asian suspect" wearing black clothing and was seen walking away from the school. NBCLA reports that he was believed to be a student at the school. The New York Times reports that a weapon was recovered at the scene, but it is currently not clear what type of weapon it was or if the suspect had used more than one.

Fox News reports that a female student died and several others were injured. Two male patients were in critical condition with another male student is in good condition, according to a medical center tweet.

Certainly, all thoughts and prayers go to families, friends and residents affected by this tragedy.