BEAR SIGHTING: Colorado Wildlife Sends Warning to NoCo

Photo from Fox31 KDVR Denver Twitter account.

A bear was spotted roaming near the intersection of Shields and Harmony this past Tuesday. Residents in the area told Wildlife officials that they have also seen a mother bear and a cub in that same area this past week. According to the Coloradoan, these sightings have prompted Colorado Parks and Wildlife to release a public warning via twitter. It states:

There was also a bear sighting with pictures from Littleton that was posted on the CPW Twitter account on Sept. 20th

"Please do your part to avoid attracting bears. Remove all food attractants, including dirty grills, fruit on the ground, pet food & please remove all bird feeders! Bears come and go, but removing these shortens their visit."

What to do if a bear is nearby? The CPW advises you to make loud noises like banging pots at pans, using an air horn, or setting off your car alarm. Any bear that does not show fear should be avoided. If you spot a bear, it's best to contact CPW at 970-472-4300.