Two Attempted Abductions in Colorado Monday

School is back in session for most of Colorado. Unfortunately, the stress of getting your children ready for the new school year doesn't end when you send them out the door to meet the bus. It also doesn't end when the school bell ends the day. The stress of getting them home safely has sadly turned for the worse. There are two reported attempts of abducting a child in Colorado this week. Both happened on Monday.

According to Channel 7 News-Denver, a 12-year-old girl in Grand Junction was walking home from school after missing her bus. While walking on a bike path, she said she was approached from behind by an older Hispanic male with a white mustache. She also told police that he was holding a handgun. He tried to pull her off the path, but she managed to get away and run home.

The other incident occurred in Broomfield when a young girl in the Broadlands neighborhood said a white male between 30-40 years-old tried to force her into her truck as she was walking home from school. She also was able to get away and ran home immediately. The Channel 7 News-Denver story said that Broomfield police said the truck appears to be a 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 with aftermarket wheels.

The investigation in both locations are on-going.