Busted at Horsetooth

I wish to make clear that this is not a rant or an attempt to escalate my story to outrage. Not at all. Sometimes, "poo happens." That is the case here.

On Monday, I took my family, including my daughter who was leaving for college, up to Horsetooth Lake for some paddle boarding. This was something my daughter and I had planned for years and were finally able to cash in before she left. And it turned out to be the perfect day for it. We had planned on going Saturday, but as you recall some clouds rolled in and we had to cancel. We load up in my Jeep with the top down and the doors off and make our way up to the mountain for some refreshing paddle boarding. This was only the second time I have made this journey. Feel free to criticize. I know. I should have done it more often. But this being only my second time, I apparently wasn't familiar with the rules when it comes to parking. I found a spot. A nice spot. We unload and make our way to the lake.

It was really a nice day. It was early enough where it wasn't too hot and it wasn't terribly busy. My daughter was celebrating because we saved money by doing it on Monday rather than Saturday. Yes! Monday saved is a good thing! Me and the family enjoyed our time on the lake and the cool refreshing waters. I thought to myself how wonderful this all is and shamed myself a bit for not having done it more often. When our hour was up, we make our way back to our nicely parked vehicle. As I'm getting in the drivers seat, I notice something under the windshield wiper. A flyer? A coupon? That would be a "no." It was a ticket. What? We bought a parking pass when we first got there. What is this for? Well, apparently we parked in a "vehicle with trailer parking only" space. Yeah. Totally surprised. There were no signs anywhere in that parking lot to indicated this rule. Trust me, we looked. The only place that indicated such a restriction was the parking block. Do you see it above? Can you read anything? Whatever was there must have stood out cause it was done in red paint. Even as I stare at it now, I don't see nothing that says I can't park there. Obviously a Park Ranger saw it differently and tagged me with a $20 ticket. Frustrated much? Indeed. And, so much for saving money by going on a Monday.

So, will I be returning to Horsetooth anytime soon? Maybe. Probably. Like I said, "poo happens."