Mattresses Go Flying in Colorado

What a wonderful scene: air mattresses were inflated and placed with great care in a park in Stapleton Saturday in preparation for a movie night under the stars. Then, as is the case on any day that ends in "y" in Colorado, the weather took a quick and unexpected turn. A wind gust hit the park with all of those inflated mattresses just waiting to get picked up and placed somewhere else. And that is exactly what happened. Another bit of irony: these mattresses took flight at Runway 35 park in Stapleton, where the old airport was located.

According to Channel 7 News, Stapleton resident Robb Manes was hanging out by a nearby pool when one of the mattresses flew into the fenced area. Then, another. And another. It was then that he grabbed his camera to record it all.

There are no reports of anyone getting hurt. We also assume that all the mattresses were corralled and used for the movie.

SOURCE: Channel 7 News-Denver