Jonelle Matthews Parents Return to Colorado for Closure

Last week, work crews excavating property in Weld County came across human remains that were later identified as Jonelle Matthews who had disappeared from her Greeley home a little over 34 years ago. After the discovery, Greeley police caller her parents, Gloria and Jim Matthews who currently live in Costa Rica. Gloria Matthews told 9News-Denver that they were both shocked and surprised. Jim added that it was a "miracle" that she was found.

According to 9News-Denver, what the construction crews unearthed was her skull and clothes that matched what she was wearing the night she disappeared. As Jim Matthews told 9News-Denver, if the crews had dug a few feet to one side or the other, her remains might never have been found. A miracle indeed.

The Matthews returned to Colorado Monday night and plan to meet with investigators while in town. They would also like to have some kind of memorial for her soon. They had one for her about 10 years ago, but as the Matthews told 9News-Denver, it was a helpful service to provide some kind of closure for them at the time. They hope that another memorial after the discovery of her remains would be a celebration of her life and provide closure for the family and the community.