A Bear Takes Dumpster from Colorado Dispensary

This is not your ordinary average bear. This bear was hell-bent on getting what was inside that dumpster, event if it meant taking it from the lot and figuring it out later. As it turns out, this bin was bear-proof and the contents remained inside. So, what was this bear wanting? It's easy to say food, but this dumpster was from a marijuana dispensary called "The Bud Depot". Maybe this bear was looking for food, desert, and an after meal toke with some friends down by a stream somewhere.

Tim Crouthers who is in charge of The Bud Depot told CBSDenver4News that the container had food waste and a small amount of marijuana. Maybe the bear knew that or not, after an employee told Tim that they dumpster was gone, they took a look at the video from a surveillance camera. That's when they found the culprit. The bear opened the gate doors of the fencing that holds the dumpster and eventually got it out without a problem. Crouthers said the bear tried but couldn't remove the lock that keeps the dumpster shut. The dumpster, by the way, was found some 50 yards from the depot.

While there have been stories this summer of bears breaking into cars, this would be the first of a bear taking off with an entire dumpster....especially from a marijuana dispensary. I still wonder if the bear had done this before but found the food and marijuana. According to Crouthers, the bear tried for nearly two hours to break open the bin. Yep. I think it knew what it was doing.