CSU Prof and Son Building Their Own Lamborghini Aventador

Picture from https://www.facebook.com/lasersterling

Sterling Backus, a physicist and adjunct professor at Colorado State University has a bit of a hobby with his son. From a story at drive.com, they were playing Forza Horizon 3 when they came up with the idea to not only get a Lamborghini but to actually BUILD a Lamborghini using a 3D printer!

Drive.com reported that they are using a QIDI Xpro system ($650) to print the majority of the parts for car that in its original form would cost $335-thousand dollars. It's not a car sized printer, so they are printing piece by piece and "butt-gluing" it together with an ultra-strong adhesive. Not every part on the car is printed. The engine came from a 2003 Corvette and the drive train from a Porsche 911, but the windshield wiper arms are genuine Lamborghini parts.So far, this project has cost Backus $20-thousand dollars.

They are getting closer to finishing the vehicle. In fact, you can follow their progress at https://www.facebook.com/lasersterling.