Ft. Collins Dental Team Heading for Mission in Samoa

Casey McElroy, David Johnson DDS, MS, and Caroline Williams of Poudre Valley Periodontics

If you have never had a major toothache that lasted more than a day, please consider yourself blessed. For the rest of us, being in that kind of pain even for an hour is hell. Imagine living on an island with 160-thousand people and having only TWO private dentists available. This is the case on the island of Samoa.

David Johnon, DDS, MS of Poudre Valley Periodontists, members of his staff, and his family are heading for Samoa this Saturday on a mission trip to help the folks in Samoa who are in desperate need of what we would consider "basic" dental care. Dr. Johnson and his assistants Casey McElroy and Caroline Williams will be doing the fillings and the pulling, when necessary. Hygienist Jordan Blakely will be responsible for the cleanings. Their visit there will last three weeks. This effort is being made through the LDS Academy of Dentists which provides their housing and the clinic they will be working in. By the way, because they don't have dentists offices everywhere, their clinic will be at a local High School in Apia, Samoa.

I have been a patient of Dr. Johnson's for a long time. I have spent many an hour in his chair and I have long ago committed to memory the number of ceiling tiles in that room. I can also tell you the phenomenal work he and his staff have done for me over the years. I have a very unique and unfortunately advanced dental condition that I have had to battle for a very long time. Dr. Johnson and staff have fought that battle with me every step of the way. I say all of this because if I could jump to Samoa right now, I would reassure those folks in pain and discomfort that help is coming from Fort Collins, Colorado and you'll have the best to get you fixed up and feeling better. Trust me. I know.

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