OPINION: Fight at Youth Baseball Game in Lakewood, CO

There's just so many bad things about this. Where to begin?

This past Saturday in Lakewood, Colorado, a Youth Baseball game is going on at an elementary school. During the course of the game, there apparently were some questionable calls made by the umpire. The story from the Coloradoan isn't clear what those calls were, so let's assume the usual ball/strike calls were the ones in question. Before we get to the outcome of these bad calls, it's important to note that the umpire for this game is a teenager...barely. The umpire is thirteen years old!

Look, as a father of a son who has played from youth to Little League to High School, I have been to so many games with so many questionable calls from folks who, for whatever reason, want to be an umpire. That job could not pay enough for the loud critique's they get from coaches, players, and parents. But, there they are. They show up and do the job. I have shook the hand of many of those umpires, regardless of their age, and thanked them for their willingness to endure the wrath and help these games get played. Some are better at it than others, but I do believe they are all genuinely trying to be good at what they do. I've never wanted that job. So, when you have a thirteen-year-old WILLING to go out there and do it, I am very impressed. I do wonder why the league would throw a thirteen-year-old out there as an umpire? It's a tough gig and requires skills that come in time and with repetition. It's a valid question, but it certainly does not deserve the results that happened this past weekend in Lakewood. This is just plain embarrassing.