Loveland Police Present the "Choose Your Ride" Car

Picture from Loveland Police Department Facebook page

It's almost officially summertime in Northern Colorado. The temps are warming and the parties are just starting. As we all know, these sunny/warm days go quickly and it seems that every weekend from now until the first freeze is booked with festivals, events, and weekend gatherings at home. Along with that is our desire to consume the adult beverages. The art of the good decision is much easier done while sober. After a few drinks, the art is gone along with our ability to understand the gravity of our decisions. Drinking and driving would be chief among our bad decisions. Let's not do that....ever.

The Loveland Police Department recently rolled out a visual reminder of the decisions we have after consuming a few beverages. It's the "Choose Your Ride" car that made its debut at our "Bike Night" event this past Thursday at the Thunder Mountain Amphitheater. As you can see, our choices are pretty simple: take a cab or ride in a cruiser. One will get you where you need to be, the other will get you where you don't want to be. It's a sobering thought and it's one we should always remember this summer. Have fun, be careful, and please don't ever drink and drive.