Fort Collins Man to Compete on History Channel Show

We've got beer, great restaurants, and heat. Barry Karcher of Fort Collins decided to leave that and his wife and kids for a competition hosted by the History Channel in the harsh and frigid conditions of the Northwest Territories of Canada. I'm sure he has his reasons, including a $500,000 bonus for the winner.

The show is called "Alone" which has 10 participants dropped off at a remote location with their choice of 10 survival items. They are to live there for as long as they can or up to one year. In a story from the Coloradoan, we don't know how long Barry was there. But, he was there long enough to be dearly missed by his wife Constance, his two-year-old son Tristan, and 6-month-old daughter Remi. All the kids were told was that daddy was off camping in Canada.

From the Coloradoan, we know that Barry has a background sufficient to prepare for this kind of living. First, he was raised in Kentucky where, as he told the Coloradoan, "you learn how to set a trap, you learn how to hunt, you learn how to deal with poor conditions out in the country." He's also a self-defense instructor who has competed in strongman competitions, marathons, and 50K races.

We don't know how Barry did in the wild or if he won the $500,000 winners purse. We'll find out as the show will premiere on June 6th at 8pm on the History Channel.

SOURCE: The Coloradoan