Avengers Movie Tonight: Best Times To Pee

My daughter and I have a date tonight. We're going to go see the "Avengers: Endgame" along with thousands of others. She insisted we see it on the opening night. It's kind of my fault as I got her hooked on Marvel movies a few years ago. She's been going nuts for them ever since. If I didn't go with her tonight, she would have seen it 5 or 6 times before I finally decided to go see it. She did that to me last year when "Infinity Wars" was released. It's not the large crowds and the likelihood that we'll get seats in the first three rows that bothers me, it's the fact that this movie is about 3-hours long! Look, I try to stay hydrated as much as possible, ya know? Three hours is a long time and with every passing minute, the chances are real good I'm gonna need to pee.

The folks at CNet were kind enough to give us a heads-up when the best time during this three hour epic to take that quick break. There are NO SPOILERS in this advice. But, I'm gonna play it safe just in case you think these are spoilers (they're really not). Here's the CNet story.....CLICK HERE.