Fort Collins Whole Foods Cutting Prices Starting Today

Whole Foods has always been that place to find healthy, organic, and top notch quality foods and sundries. But, it's also been a place where you know you're going to pay for it. Whole Foods is also known as "Whole Paycheck" by those who dump a lot of money each time they visit. In what they're calling a "third round of cuts", Amazon and Whole Foods are out to change the reality and perception of their high prices.

In a joint statement, Whole Foods will be cutting prices, an average of 20%, of select items throughout the store. Many of the price reductions can be found in one of the more popular sections: the produce department. How does Amazon fit in? Even more discounts will be available for those who have their "Prime" membership. In the joint statement, they said that customers "can expect more than 300 Prime member deals on some of the season's most popular items."

Location for Whole Foods in Fort Collins: 2201 S College Ave