Teddy Bear Toss Game is Coming Soon!

Image source: YouTube

It's one of those games each season that is circled, highlighted, underlined, and otherwise duly noted. The annual "Teddy Bear Toss" game with the Colorado Eagles is Saturday, December 14th at the Budweiser Events Center. If you've never seen one of these in person, do what you can to get tickets to that game. It's incredible!

It was about seven years ago when the Eagles and The Bear got together to brainstorm this idea. There weren't many teams across the country doing it, but given our ties to the community and with the flagship radio station being "The Bear", we had to try it. I'm not gonna lie....there was genuine concern that we'd have like five bears thrown on the ice. When it happened that first game, all of those concerns washed away quickly upon watching what looked like a waterfall of stuffed bears cascading from the stands to the ice. Again, it was incredible! And every year since, that scene has been replicated...with even more bears!

It takes about five minutes to clear the bears off the ice. There are volunteers, Bear staff, Eagles staff, and all of the Eagles players out there collecting the bears. You can tell the players love it too. It's not uncommon to see a player or two dive into one of the huge piles. From there, all the bears are collected and delivered to our plush and spacious studios where they will then be distributed to local charities and organizations that are committed to kids in Northern Colorado on a daily basis. So, the bear you bring to the game and throw on the ice will have loving arms wrapped around it for the holiday. We hope to see you there on December 14th!

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