Getting Ready For The New Season: Eagles Ice Gets A New Paint Job

Another indicator that a new season is upon us....fresh paint on the ice at The Budweiser Events Center.

Something I didn't know, they are painting on ice! In all my years here, I had never been to the Budweiser Events Center when they were painting for the new season. Hence, I wore flip-flops. Hey, it's still warm outside and I love having body, mind, and feet exposed to the beautiful conditions. I did not know that there is already a layer of ice on the floor when they paint. Note to self: wear shoes next time. I did indeed lose feeling in my toes at one point.

Assistant GM, Gavin Riches and the Colorado Eagles staff, including Eagles broadcaster, Kevin McGlue are out there painting the logos and striping. It's such a fun annual event that this opportunity is given to the staff as an incentive. Do some things right, you get to paint the ice! Also, season ticket holders and sponsors are also out there. The Eagles invite their sponsors to paint their own logo if they want. I also learned that it's not necessary to be precise or accurate with the brush. The extra layers of ice that will eventually cover the floor will conveniently hide any and all blemishes. What is critical is that all the colors that are used must adhere to league rules. Lots of black coloring would make it real tough to follow a black puck.

Here is a brief look at what a pre-season paint job looks like at the Budweiser Events Center.

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